Art swept me off my feet as a young child in mid 80s Poland, thanks to Boris Vallejo, Drew Struzan, and Heavy Metal comics. I spent my formative years in Norway, experimenting with various traditional techniques and later diving headfirst into graphic design for print and web, then into Product Design in England.
After a hiatus to focus on my design career, I rekindled my artistic flame in 2015, fuelled by love of traditional art and popular culture. 
With a nod from Rembrandt and Caravaggio, I delve into chiaroscuro — where light dances in shadows, and canvas becomes a playground of negative and positive space. Most of my magic unfolds with white ink on black paper only, sprinkled with occasional digital flair using Wacom and Adobe Photoshop.
Currently I am based in Canada. 
Looking to connect beyond the canvas? Feel free to reach out for anything—be it a casual chat about art, professional inquiries, or just to say hello!
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